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Our Story

Lucques Catering is brought to you by Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne.

These legendary restauranteurs bring their incredible skills to the catering and special event industry with a detailed focus on our clients through our food, our service and commitment to a culture of excellence.  Lucques Catering has been a part of celebrations and special moments since 2008 in Los Angeles and Southern California.



Suzanne Goin

Lucques Catering features Suzanne’s food from her beloved restaurants, Lucques Restaurant, AOC Wine Bar, Tavern and The Larder Baking Co.  Suzanne’s creativity and culinary integrity is reflected in the unique menus of Lucques Catering.  Our menus and seasonal offerings continue to expand beyond our restaurants to match our client’s direction for their events.



Caroline Styne

Caroline Styne directs our wine program along with the incredible hospitality spirit that lives in our team as we plan and deliver world class events.  Caroline curates a special wine collection that pairs beautifully with our food and style of entertaining



Our Legacy

With the closing of Lucques Restaurant, we want to assure you that Lucques Catering will continue to provide our clients with the same commitment that we have had with the culinary spirit of Lucques Restaurant eternally behind it. Lucques Restaurant is at the core of who we are.  It is the soul of our business.  It has shaped our foundation with our food, our hospitality, our direction.  Lucques Restaurant has been in our DNA since day 1.  The vision that Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne had when they opened up Lucques Restaurant in 1998 is our focus.  We have to deliver the best experience, one that is on par with each of their restaurants, or we don’t do it.


We celebrate the legacy that we have been graciously provided with, a culture of excellence, a passion for the food, the producers, the team, a sense of who we are.  Suzanne and Caroline are actively involved in each of their businesses.  Their presence is felt each day as we plan our parties, collaborate on each event and search for new opportunities to grow our business.


We look forward with excitement and anticipation as we start this new chapter for Lucques Group, Lucques Catering, The Larder and most importantly for Suzanne and Caroline’s newest restaurants, Caldo Verde and Cara Cara at the Proper Hotel.  This is our latest venture with an exciting new venue and partner in a fresh and new market, Downtown LA.





Caroline Styne, Suzanne Goin, Lucques Catering